Saturday Afternoon Reading

It’s a punishingly cold day in Boston. I’m on my third cup of tea. A few articles that I found interesting follow.

This is a spot-on reflection of the situation in Boston.

This story about divers searching the Thames for 100-year-old metal type will delight any typeface/design nerd.

And on a sad note:

The teen of laser cat photo yearbook fame has committed suicide. Rest in peace, Draven.

A young, successful Emerson alumnus named Harris Wittels died of an overdose the other day. Rest in peace, Harris.

I hope I live to see the day when society deems treatment for mental illness as important as treatment for physical illness.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Reading

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  1. Yes..mental illness SHOULD be given equal importance…it touches every family in some capacity!
    Thanks for posting the NYT op-ed about Boston, too. I forwarded it to my sons who have expressed the same sentiments and despair over losing work time and watching the their tiny savings dwindle to keep the heat on. Very very depressing!

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