RIP, Sweet Jonathan

Apparently I’ve been living under a rock under another rock, because I learned of actor Jonathan Crombie‘s passing a week after it occurred. How did I miss this tragic news??

I found out a few days ago as I was reading Entertainment Weekly. He died from a brain hemorrhage at age 48.

I haven’t watched any of the Anne movies in years, but as soon as I read the news, scene after scene played through my head. As a teen, I loved the books and later loved the movies. All of the actors were so perfectly cast, it just about brings me to tears. I identified with Anne in many ways and couldn’t wait to meet my Gilbert. Jonathan played the part of Gilbert so brilliantly.

From all of the remembrances I’ve read, it sounds like he was just as kind, charming, and mischievous as his beloved character. Thank you and RIP, sweet Jonathan. I promise to make the pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island in your honor…

Jonathan Crombie
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