V Is for Vee Vee

I’m winding up the A–Z bar list. I had brunch at Vee Vee the other day, and it was fantastic!

Vee Vee
Nice postcard!










I opted for a grapefruit mimosa instead of a beer at 11:00 am. The veggie frittata and homemade biscuit were scrumptious.


Vee Vee veggie frittata







I’ve been meaning to check out this place since it opened. What’s scary is that I’ve been walking around thinking that it has been open for “a few years.” Then I read the website, and oh, no, it’s been open for seven years! Let this serve as a warning for anyone under the age of 30:

Enjoy every minute of your youth, because one day you will wake up and realize that years now feel like months.

Speaking of months, I have two months left for four letters: E, U, X, and Y. I welcome recommendations!


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