Lake Cruises, Forests, and Bears, Oh My!

At the end of May, Mom and I went to the Adirondacks to celebrate our milestone birthdays. Even though I grew up in New York, I had never been to the Adirondacks.

We spent three nights in the area, so I chose three items for the birthday list.

#36: Took a cruise on Lake George.

Mom prefers to stay on land, so I took a solo morning cruise on the Minne Ha-Ha. It was a bit chilly but sunny. There are 3,000+ lakes in the Adirondacks!














Steam calliope
Steam calliope!








One of many "summer camps" aka mansions on the lake
One of many “summer camps” aka mansions










#37: Visited the Adirondack Museum.

This is an amazing museum! It’s a whole campus with different exhibits housed in different buildings. Visitors can learn about the area’s logging history, camping history, boating history, and recreational history. We spent a few hours there and could have easily spent the entire day there. I’ll definitely return if I find myself in the Adirondacks again. (I hope I do.)

I was especially interested in the logging exhibit because my second great-grandfather was a well-known log driver in central Pennsylvania. It was a dangerous job back then!

Log jam!
Log jam!








A typical hunting camp
A typical hunting camp








Mohawk basketry exhibit
Mohawk basketry exhibit









#38. Saw a black bear.

Mom and I left the Adirondack Museum around 5:00 pm. It is an hourlong drive from Lake George on two-lane highways. We were about 20 minutes into the trip back when we came upon a serious car accident. We ended up having to turn around to take the only other route that would bring us back to Lake George, which was two hours out of the way. We were pretty frazzled and worried about the people who were involved in the accident. We stopped at a gas station for dinner (hot dogs) and to buy a printed map, since we only had verbal directions from an emergency crew worker to go on.

So we’re driving along. We drive by deer crossing signs, which works Mom up because she’s had some deer run-ins before. Then we see a bear crossing sign and have a chuckle. Really, bears?

And it wasn’t too long until, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a large four-legged animal loping off the road into the ditch. Um, it was a black bear that seemed to come out of nowhere. I chirped, “Mom? Was that just a bear?”

“Yes,” she chirped back. Lots of sighing and gasping ensued. The next day, we went shopping in Lake George and noticed that many of the stores had entire black bear figurine sections. So we each decided to buy one to commemorate our first-ever black bear sighting.

The Adirondacks is a great getaway and I hope to return someday. Have you been?

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