The List: 2014 Edition

  Thanks to LivingSocial, I’ve started creating my next birthday list. For those new to the blog, every year between January and May, I complete a list of items that I’ve never done before my birthday rolls around. The number of items equals my age. The magic number this year is 39. #($*#)@$ So, LivingSocial. […]


  OK, that’s it. The universe is calling me back to Yorkshire. Where’s Yorkshire? Take a wild guess. Yes, England. The county of Yorkshire is where my lifelong obsession with England began. Having been afflicted with a chronic case of travel bug at the tender age of 17, I knew I’d have to study abroad […]

South Berwick, Maine

  Having visited South Berwick, Maine, yesterday, I am halfway done with the birthday list. Phew. Linda and I visited two lovely historic homes. Our first stop was the Sarah Orne Jewett House. I had heard her name before and knew that she was an author. After visiting her house, I’ll be looking for her […]

Seeking Truth

  I attended a lecture by architect Moshe Safdie the other night. I have no formal knowledge of architecture, but I love admiring it. I admire the design and creative vision that goes into a structure that has a functional purpose. Safdie showed some of his building projects, including a mixed-use resort in Singapore and […]

Watch City

  It’s been a quiet week at the homestead. I finally put away my sweaters and brought out the shorts. Read a few magazines from the leaning tower. But tomorrow it’s back to the birthday list. Item #33 is to attend a steampunk festival. I’ll be attending the Watch City Festival in nearby Waltham. Trips […]