I made two rings last weekend at Stonybrook Fine Arts.








Our instructor Sophia walked through the whole process for us first. The class size was eight, which was a good number for the space. All in all, it took us a little under three hours to make two rings.

In short, there was blowtorch wielding, hammering, stamping, molding with pliers, measuring and more measuring, sawing, more blowtorch wielding, and more hammering.

Sophia and her assistant, Eve, took care of the tricky parts: soldering the ends together and polishing. This is Kevin the polisher.








Sophia went around and polished the rings that we were wearing too; it was sweet. I left the workshop with a new appreciation for all of my jewelry.

When I returned home that evening, I watched Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush, which is #74 on AFI’s Top 100 List.



This is the second of his movies that I’ve watched. I watched City Lights (#76 on the AFI list) a year or two ago. I remember enjoying it, but I don’t remember feeling this level of enthrallment. One of my favorite scenes was his dance of the rolls. I vaguely remember seeing a brief clip of it before. But the whole dance is just plain wonderful. The split at the end!

Now I am ready to watch every film he ever made. Do you have a favorite Chaplin film?