Drinking and Gathering

Here’s the latest installment of my A–Z bar quest.

A few nights ago, some friends and I went to two bars with verbs for names. Yes!

We started at Drink. It’s in the basement of an office building.








Drink is known for its cocktails. There is no cocktail menu; you tell the waiter/waitress what type of cocktail you like, and the bartenders come up with something. A friend had recommended a whiskey drink, so I tried that.








It was good, but I stuck to one because I had a long night ahead. We ordered heirloom carrots, arancini, and fries to split. Everything was great. It’s a popular place; I arrived at 5:20 and there were no seats left. And when we left around 7:00, there was a line of people waiting to enter.

Our next destination was Gather.








It’s another winner. The atmosphere was laidback and friendly. There were no seats at the bar at first, but within 15 minutes, some spots opened up. We loved the decor:









The bar’s location is in the Innovation District, so this is a play on “bright ideas.”

I tried Wormtown’s Be Hoppy IPA because my friend noted that Wormtown is a brewery in nearby Worcester. It was hoppy, which made me happy.








Only 10 bars left…still at a loss re: bar names that start with X and Y…


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