KNO Night

I thought it was apropos to book my birthday vacation while snowed in by Juno. #40 on the birthday list is…go to the Bahamas. Yes! This will be my second Caribbean vacation and I am psyched.

So KNO night. KNO night was my first triple-header A–Z bar night. Thanks to Abby and Melissa for being game. Our first stop was Nubar.










It’s a cozy little place. I tried a local brew, Newburyport Green Head IPA, and enjoyed it. Loved the cute glass too.








Next we headed to Orinoco for dinner. I’ve passed it many times and never noticed it, since it is down a little alleyway.









It was my first time trying Venezuelan cuisine, so I knocked off a birthday list item too. I tried arepas and fell in love with them. Cornmeal and cheese…what’s not to love.








I tried Estrella, a Spanish beer. It was a nice, basic lager.










After we finished our lovely dinner, we hit Kennedy’s on the Square for an after-dinner beer. The decor consisted of many images of JFK, which oddly made me feel at home. Having lived on the street of his birthplace for the past five years, I feel a strange kinship to him and his family.

Anyhoo, I had a nice nightcap: a Stowaway IPA. Two of my oldest Boston friends and I toasted to a productive night. Now I only have seven letters left! It’s getting tough now: E, L, Q, U, V, X, Y. Suggestions are more than welcome…

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