Watch City

  It’s been a quiet week at the homestead. I finally put away my sweaters and brought out the shorts. Read a few magazines from the leaning tower. But tomorrow it’s back to the birthday list. Item #33 is to attend a steampunk festival. I’ll be attending the Watch City Festival in nearby Waltham. Trips […]

The Rose

  No, not this Rose. This Rose. Over the past few years, I’ve been making my way to different local college and university art galleries and museums. This weekend I traveled to Brandeis University in Waltham to visit the Rose Art Museum. If you like modern and contemporary art, you will love this museum. It’s […]

Wegmans, The Musical

  If I lived closer to Northboro, I would be attending this high school musical set in a Wegmans!  

Pinch Pot

  First of all, the nasturtiums at the Gardner were beautiful. Photography wasn’t allowed, so here’s a photo from the ISG website:                           I would recommend going to the museum in the evening…the ambience is very cool (albeit a bit dark) with the […]

Fourteen Things

  I have 14 things left to do on the birthday list. That sounds like a lot. Luckily I am doing two things in the next two days. I am going to see the orange nasturtium display at the Gardner, finally. This has made it on the list before. And I am taking a pottery […]