The Rose

  No, not this Rose. This Rose. Over the past few years, I’ve been making my way to different local college and university art galleries and museums. This weekend I traveled to Brandeis University in Waltham to visit the Rose Art Museum. If you like modern and contemporary art, you will love this museum. It’s […]

Wegmans, The Musical

  If I lived closer to Northboro, I would be attending this high school musical set in a Wegmans!  

Pinch Pot

  First of all, the nasturtiums at the Gardner were beautiful. Photography wasn’t allowed, so here’s a photo from the ISG website:                           I would recommend going to the museum in the evening…the ambience is very cool (albeit a bit dark) with the […]

Fourteen Things

  I have 14 things left to do on the birthday list. That sounds like a lot. Luckily I am doing two things in the next two days. I am going to see the orange nasturtium display at the Gardner, finally. This has made it on the list before. And I am taking a pottery […]

In the Spirit of Easter

  Thanks to Daisy for reminding me about the Washington Post‘s annual Peeps diorama contest. Why do I forget about this every year? It’s pure genius. You must check out the diorama of Will and Kate’s wedding. And Daisy sent me this link that features TV show dioramas. Love Downton Abbey! Hope that everyone who […]