Saturday Afternoon Reading

It’s a punishingly cold day in Boston. I’m on my third cup of tea. A few articles that I found interesting follow. This is a spot-on reflection of the situation in Boston. This story about divers searching the Thames for 100-year-old metal type will delight any typeface/design nerd. And on a sad note: The teen […]

Celebs on Being Child -Free/-Less

A friend sent me this article consisting of recent quotes by famous women about their child -free/-less status. I’m printing this one out. Thanks for giving a voice to the women taking the road less diapered, ladies!  

A New Acronym

  I am now an ABR, thanks to this little peanut:                   ABR stands for “Auntie by Relation,” according to the author of this book:                   Time to crack open this book and work on my savviness. Do any […]

It’s Not Selfish

When I think about Robin Williams, and anyone who has committed suicide, I mourn because the world will be without their gifts, whatever they may be. But I also mourn the fact that they were in so much pain. And that they felt so hopeless and alone. And that they felt so trapped. I get […]

Top 10: Part 2

  So here is the long-awaited second segment of my top 10 birthday list items: 4. Age 36: Take a glassblowing class There are a few standouts from this year. But in the end, I’m going with the glassblowing class, because it was the biggest surprise. Mary and I arrived at Diablo Glass School early […]