I watched the movie Patton the other night ( #89 on the AFI’s top 100 movie list).

War movies are not my thing, but I have enjoyed the ones I’ve watched from the top 100 movie list. They’ve all featured stellar acting, direction, cinematography…and how can one not be amazed at the re-creation of huge battle scenes?

General George Patton is heralded as one of the best WWII combat leaders. The man lived for battle; it was inspiring to see how passionate he was about military strategy and history. Unfortunately he was prone to put his foot in his mouth more than a few times. But at the end of the day, he is remembered for his triumphs on the field.

Patton won seven Oscars. Here’s some interesting trivia: George C. Scott, who played the role of Patton, was nominated for this film and was the first actor to refuse an Oscar nomination. And he won anyway.

He sounds like a character himself! I’m putting a few of his best-known movies on my to-watch list. From reading his biography, I confirmed my guess that he is the father of Campbell Scott.

Campbell Scott! Say the name and I hear this song play. And this song play. And this song play. OMG, I’m a freshman in college again!!

Excuse the digression.

So that was #5 on the birthday list, folks. Thirty-six left to go…

Campbell Scott and Kyra Sedgwick in "Singles" (Courtesy of
Campbell Scott and Kyra Sedgwick in “Singles” (Courtesy of
George C. Scott as Patton (Courtesy of
George C. Scott as Patton (Courtesy of

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