The Tide Is High

The birthday list has given me a good excuse to add to my music collection. Each year I’ve bought a CD of an artist that I don’t have in my current collection. I’ve added some jazz artists and international artists to my collection (Chet Baker, Thelonious Monk, Edith Piaf, Feli Kuti), and I decided that I also need to acquire more music by female solo artists and female-fronted bands.

This decision led me to the purchase of a live Blondie CD at a used record shop in Providence a few weeks ago.

When Blondie was in its heyday, I was playing with dolls and learning to read. But Blondie’s music stood the test of time and years after the songs climbed the charts and won awards, I was listening to them on the radio: “Call Me,” “One Way or the Other,” “Heart of Glass,” “The Tide Is High.”

As I listened to this album, I realized that I don’t own many live albums. Why not, I asked myself incredulously. It’s the next best thing to attending a concert! Note to self: buy more live albums.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Blondie songs.

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