She Has Moxie

I live near an awesome movie theater. It’s so awesome that living legends such as Meryl Streep have paid it a visit to accept its annual award.

None other than Jane Fonda was this year’s award recipient. My friend and I were in attendance a couple of weeks ago when she introduced a screening of her latest film, Youth, (in which she plays a minor role)* and did a Q and A afterward.

Introducing the film
Introducing the film











She was witty, gracious, and so youthful! She could pass for someone decades younger…seriously. I felt blessed to be in the same room with her. Add her to list of people whose autobiographies I want to read.

Jane has “moxie.”

Did you know that there is a 100+-year-old drink called Moxie? I didn’t…until I saw it on a grocery store shelf. I knew of the word “moxie,” believing it to mean “vivacious,” someone who has “nerve,” etc.










Well, I bought a bottle and looked it up when I got home from the grocery store. It turns out that it’s a local drink, founded in New England. I quite enjoyed reading about its history…its story is told in a cheeky tone that made me chuckle.

It has a fan club of Moxie lovers and Moxie haters…yes, it’s one of those products that one either loves or hates. It’s an “acquired taste.”

Gentian root is what gives it its taste (I think). I find it slightly medicinal in taste but not enough that it’s totally off-putting. At first slug, it tastes like a Coke…but then, suddenly, it’s not a Coke. Will I buy it regularly? No…but I would buy it again on impulse someday.

So that brings us to 29 list items left…almost a third of the way there.



* Short film review: Visually stunning, intellectual, quiet, haunting, brings one to tears at the closing scene. Paolo Sorrentino’s other film, The Great Beauty, had the same exact effect on me.

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