She Has Moxie

I live near an awesome movie theater. It's so awesome that living legends such as Meryl Streep have paid it a visit to accept its annual award. None other than Jane Fonda was this year's award recipient. My friend and I were in attendance a couple of weeks ago when she introduced a screening of... Continue Reading →

Demme and Ivory

Thanks to the Coolidge and the Brattle, I had the opportunity to see two acclaimed film directors speak this past week. The Coolidge presented Jonathan Demme with its annual honorary award. And the Brattle is hosting a weekend visit with James Ivory. A number of colleagues showered Jonathan Demme with accolades at the award ceremony.... Continue Reading →

Stop Making Sense

I feel like my life stopped making sense a long time I thought it fitting to watch the film Stop Making Sense at the Coolidge last night. I also wanted a chance to relive the '80s...a simpler, slower time. Stop Making Sense is a Talking Heads concert film from 1984. It was directed by... Continue Reading →

It Is Cold

It is cold. My week was action-packed. And now all I want to do is sit in bed and eat marshmallow peeps. I walked in the Hasty Pudding Parade on Thursday. It was fun and wacky. It was the shortest, most disorganized parade of all time. I saw Anne Hathaway, but couldn't manage to get... Continue Reading →

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