It Is Cold

It is cold.

My week was action-packed. And now all I want to do is sit in bed and eat marshmallow peeps.

I walked in the Hasty Pudding Parade on Thursday. It was fun and wacky. It was the shortest, most disorganized parade of all time. I saw Anne Hathaway, but couldn’t manage to get a photo. There was a MOB around the car she was riding in the whole time. There was a marching band playing, so we danced as we walked along. We had dog treats to pass out to the crowd, which was kind of a bust since most of the crowd was composed of college kids who don’t own pets. Ah well.

Thursday evening I went to a special event at the Coolidge (thanks, Melissa!). The Sundance Film Festival screened films nationwide this year. The Coolidge was one of eight theaters across the country that screened a Sundance film, and brought the director along with it. We saw The Company Men, which was written and directed by John Wells. His claim to fame is writing and producing ER and West Wing. He did a great Q and A afterward. He was so down-to-earth and humble; it was refreshing. And we learned some great info about the film’s back story. The film is about three men who are laid off due to downsizing. It hit home to a degree, since I’ve been laid off a few times. The men worked for a shipbuilding firm in Boston.

John told us that the original idea was for the men to be working in the steel industry in Pittsburgh. But when he and the scouts went to Pittsburgh, they found that there were no remnants of the industry left! So he had to choose another manufacturing industry, and lucked out with shipbuilding. He found an old shipyard in Quincy, MA. He also told us that he interviewed hundreds of people who had been laid off, as well as HR people, higher ups, etc. It took about 10 years for the film to come to fruition. He went the independent film route because when he talked to the big companies, they wanted to change the entire outcome of the story! So he was fortunate to be able to go the indie route and stay true to his vision.

I also bought tickets for the annual Coolidge award ceremony. This year, Jonathan Demme is being honored. He directed Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, Rachel Getting Married, and a bunch of other weird stuff in the ’80s. He also directed some concert films…I am going to a screening of a Talking Heads concert film from 1984. Burnin’ down the house!

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