I am participating in a research study tomorrow. I had answered a craigslist post about a vision study, and I heard back from a nice MIT person. They are going to have a field day with me, because the study is about depth perception, and I have none!

Four months from today, I am leaving an age demographic behind. Farewell, 25–34. To date, I have completed five birthday list items. That leaves 30…ooh, I have to do an average of two new things per week. That’s kind of intense. I might have to double/triple up some days.

I have always been “glass is half empty” when it comes to birthdays. At least since my 18th birthday. I kept a journal entry in which I lamented my last days as a 17 year old. I know I should be thankful to be celebrating another year on Earth…I should revel in starting a new year full of potential positive opportunities…but instead, I say, another year has bit the dust. That’s just how I roll with birthdays.  When I get around to cleaning out my storage space, I will find my journal entry from the year of our lord 1993 and post it here.