It Got Hot in There

I tried an infrared sauna the other day. This is my kind of sauna! I was a lot more comfortable than I usually am in a traditional sauna; I learned afterward that it was because an infrared sauna is set at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna. The benefit of an infrared sauna is that the heat is absorbed deeper into your body tissue, underneath the skin. This allows for the release of more toxins. If I had the money, I would revisit this sauna!










I had another hot night at Crashfest, a world music festival put on by World Music/CrashArts. This was the festival’s first year, and I really hope it returns next year.

There were three stages throughout the House of Blues, which meant that I saw the venue’s members-only VIP Foundation Room. I wish I could live there! The decor was all oriental rugs, Buddha statues, chic couches. The lighting was low and there was a fire in the fireplace. So cozy and intimate. And I saw my high school friend’s band, Red Baraat, perform there = so sweet.

Red Baraat
Red Baraat









We also enjoyed performances by local band Debo Band, Dhol Foundation, and Kishi Bashi. To top it all off, I had another first experience that night—I bought a T-shirt and watched it get printed, courtesy of Drive by Press.










All in all, it was a festive occasion on an otherwise dreary January evening.



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