New Foods and an Aborted Mission

I tried a couple of new foods recently at restaurants that were new to me as well. But it seems like cheating to count them as four separate items…am I being too strict? 😛

Allen and I went to the Watertown Diner for brunch a couple of weeks ago. There was a cornucopia of international sausage on offer. I tried locanico [this was the spelling used in the menu]. Locanico is a Greek sausage flavored with orange peel and various herbs. I did enjoy the flavor very much, but the texture of the sausage was way too chewy for this girl.








Boar paté was on the menu the other day. My friend Daisy came to visit and told me about a neighborhood restaurant that I had never heard of. The Glenville Stops might become a place where everyone knows my name. Great beer and food menu. The boar paté was lovely and came with delectable accoutrements…but it didn’t taste…like…boar? That makes no sense to say as I had never tried boar before. I guess what I am trying to say is that it didn’t taste wildly different than other meat I’ve had.










And here’s the part where I confess that I aborted a mission. Who is to blame? Henry James.

…No, I am the one to blame, of course. I am not smart enough to read Henry James. Or to give myself more credit: I am not smart enough to read Henry James right before going to bed.

I really tried with this one. I gave up on James Joyce pretty quickly (he has the #1 and #3 best novels according to the Modern Library). But I struggled through 100+ pages of The Ambassadors. It almost felt as though I were reading in a foreign language. All I can tell you after reading 100+ pages are the characters’ names. I can’t even fully explain their relationship to each other.

Henry James has two other novels on the list. Maybe I will find the gumption to try another one next year…

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