Seeking Truth

  I attended a lecture by architect Moshe Safdie the other night. I have no formal knowledge of architecture, but I love admiring it. I admire the design and creative vision that goes into a structure that has a functional purpose. Safdie showed some of his building projects, including a mixed-use resort in Singapore and […]

Hugh and Saul

I subsist on beanie weenies* so I can go out and do things like watch Hugh Laurie play the blues and watch Saul Williams talk. If you know who Hugh Laurie is, you may be thinking, what? He’s an actor. He’s Gregory House. He’s Bertie Wooster. Yes, he is those characters. But he is also […]

Haiku on Aging

  My left wrist still hurts Why does it hurt when I sneeze? I need more vodka

Steampunk and Lilacs

  The weather was gorgeous this weekend! It was the perfect weekend to attend two festivals. The steampunk fest was really fun. What’s not to love about throngs of people dressed up in costume? Especially when one of the most popular items to don are kick-ass goggles? There were steampunk vampires, desert nomads, ladies in […]

Watch City

  It’s been a quiet week at the homestead. I finally put away my sweaters and brought out the shorts. Read a few magazines from the leaning tower. But tomorrow it’s back to the birthday list. Item #33 is to attend a steampunk festival. I’ll be attending the Watch City Festival in nearby Waltham. Trips […]