Birthday Fun

Two friends celebrated birthdays recently and helped me check off two birthday list items:

1. Make a terrarium

Have you heard of Plant Nite? How about Paint Nite? It’s the same idea…have a few drinks and some food and make something to take home with you.

I like plants and gardening, although I only have two plants (that survive even though I forget to water them) and I don’t know anything about gardening. So I was looking forward to making a terrarium.

It was really easy: Put a layer of rocks in the bottom of a planter, then a bunch of soil. Insert a few cute succulents.








And then decorate with colored moss, plastic dinosaurs, and colored rocks. Voila!








This particular planter requires bright sunlight, which my apartment never sees. So we’ll see how long this darling terrarium survives…

2. Ride on a party bus

Another friend booked a party bus for her birthday. It was an old school bus re-purposed for people to drink, eat, dance, and sing while being driven around for hours.










There were about 20 of us, so we had room to mingle and dance.










We made a pit stop at a brewery, where only half of us were allowed to enter due to maximum capacity. So our group found a small Chinese restaurant nearby and ordered some drinks, providing cheap entertainment to the “regulars” eating their Saturday dinners.

After three hours of riding around the city and singing along to a plethora of ’80s and ’90s hits, we were dropped off at the North End and had a fabulous dinner.

Thanks, Linda and Abby, for helping me with my list. 😉



I’ll be starting off the New Year with a bang. Multiple bangs, actually.

…Bangs as in fringe across my forehead.

Carried away in the spirit of wanting to start off the New Year with a change, I told my hair stylist to give me bangs yesterday.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, and it really isn’t. But I haven’t had bangs in at least 25 years. And that’s not exaggeration. I haven’t had bangs since elementary or junior high school!

I’m having trouble recognizing myself in the mirror. And the bangs seem HEAVY on my forehead. I feel as if I have a small furry animal draped across my forehead 24/7.

Anyway, resolutions.

‘Tis the season for resolutions. My friend Anya told me that she read that many resolutions fail because they are not specific enough. If you resolve to work out more, or be nicer to people, you really can’t measure your progress. You need to resolve to work out x times a week, or say something nice to someone every day. You should also focus on just a few resolutions vs. a long list.

I think I am going to resolve to go to the gym three times a week, as often as humanly possible. And I want to set aside two hours per week to work on crafts. I enjoy making jewelry, cards, and soap. But I never leave myself the time to “play.”

This will entail a big shift in my thinking, as I tend to book myself up with social events and volunteering. It’s about time that I schedule in some “me time.”

Are you making resolutions this year?


The List: 2014 Edition


Thanks to LivingSocial, I’ve started creating my next birthday list. For those new to the blog, every year between January and May, I complete a list of items that I’ve never done before my birthday rolls around. The number of items equals my age. The magic number this year is 39.


So, LivingSocial. Thanks to LivingSocial, I’ll be making a piece of mosaic art, taking a wire work technique class at a bead store, and making my own picture frame at a frame shop.

Other ideas have started percolating. I had a sudden urge to make my grandmother’s mint recipe. Alas, I don’t have the recipe. I’ve found recipes on the web for cream cheese mints that may or may not be similar to hers. When I was little, Grandma Peg would make hundreds of mints, and my family would give them out as gifts. They were soft and sugary, and came in different shapes and flavors. The green mint leaf tasted like spearmint and the pink rose tasted like peppermint…there were also white and yellow mints, but I can’t recall the shapes or colors.

I also want to make a Wilton cake! My mom made me and my brother Wilton cakes for years. They were beautiful. The woman probably spent a few entire days of her life making us those cakes. Thanks, Mom! Mom gave me all of her cake decorating tips years ago…so what am I waiting for?

If anyone has ideas for this year’s list, send them along! And I hope that everyone is about done with their holiday shopping, as I am. It’s a liberating feeling…

It’s Almost V-Day


February 14 is V-Day, a day to call for the end of violence toward girls and women. V-Day was inspired by Eve Ensler’s play Vagina Monologues. Each year, people are invited to produce Vagina Monologues, and the proceeds go to female victims of violence and sexual abuse.

Visit the V-Day or One Billion Rising website to find events happening near you. One Billion Rising is a “dance strike movement” that sounds amazing. Check it out!

Seeking Truth


I attended a lecture by architect Moshe Safdie the other night. I have no formal knowledge of architecture, but I love admiring it. I admire the design and creative vision that goes into a structure that has a functional purpose. Safdie showed some of his building projects, including a mixed-use resort in Singapore and an art museum in Kansas, and walked us through the design process. He likes to incorporate nature into his design, which I greatly appreciate. He’s built into hills and within forested land. The environment around each building plays a role in his design, as does the building’s purpose (a school, museum, residence, etc.). Some projects of his that I know and enjoy are the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem and the Old Port in Montreal.

He ended the lecture with a poem he wrote and included at the end of one of his books. I liked it.


He who seeks Truth
Shall find Beauty

He who seeks Beauty
Shall find Vanity

He who seeks Order
Shall find Gratification

He who seeks Gratification
Shall be Disappointed

He who considers himself as the servant of his fellow being
Shall find the joy of Self-Expression

He who seeks Self-Expression
Shall fall into the pit of Arrogance

Arrogance is incompatible with nature
Through the nature of the universe
and the nature of man
we shall seek Truth

If we seek Truth, we shall find Beauty