Paint Pouring Craze

I don’t remember where Allen I first heard about paint pouring. But we have some seen some displays for acrylic paints and pouring mediums and special canvases at Michael’s the past few times we’ve been…and the displays were almost bare. “Must be popular,” we mumbled to ourselves every time.

Well, we finally bought pouring medium and special canvases and tried it out. You can use regular acrylic paints and add the special pouring medium to them to make the consistency more fluid. Then, you use one of many different techniques to get the paint onto the canvas….and you tilt the canvas this way and that to spread the paint across the canvas.

We tried the “flip cup” technique, which entails putting a few different colors into one cup, placing the canvas over the cup, and then flipping so the cup lands on top of the canvas.

flip cup paint pouring technique

The appealing thing about this genre of painting is that you don’t konw what the painting will look like in the end. Allen and I used the same colors (albeit slightly different quantities of each color) and here are the two results.

And the painting changes as it dries, too! It takes about 24 hours for the paint to dry and about a week to cure. I will post photos of the finished paintings so you can compare them…

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