Suburban Wilds

Allen and I have been discovering so many new parks and natural areas this summer. Our neighboring suburb of Newton is a treasure trove of such places. We’ve been to a few parks that are so untouched, so verdant, that they look and feel like jungles.

We didn’t last too long at Nahanton Park because it was a little buggy and we had no bug spray. What amateurs, right? But I oohed and ahed my way through the areas that we walked through. Part of the park borders the Charles River, although you only get glimpses of the river because of the countless trees.

Houghton Garden is a small conservation area in a residential neighborhood. There is a quaint little pond and brook running through it, and, for some reason, a green film covered them when we visited. This gave the experience an otherworldly feel.

There were many different short pathways, which made it seem like a maze. Sometimes there was a boardwalk, and sometimes there was barely a pathway.

And the adventures continue…this weekend, we’ll be visiting a state park that we never knew existed. It’s only a 20-minute drive from our apartment!

Happy Labor Day weekend to all, especially my SEIU sisters and brothers!

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