Gardens at Elm Bank

Allen and I have been exploring a lot of parks and gardens the past few months. I feel grateful to live near so many interesting and historic public green spaces.

We visited the Gardens at Elm Bank the other day. It is run by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, so there are a number of different gardens to enjoy: a native plant garden, an Italianate garden, a trial garden for new and unreleased plants, and a children’s garden, just to name a few.

Visitors find many spaces to sit and picnic under the shade of large trees, as well as spots with tables and chairs.

The property also features an old, boarded-up manor house and a cool “Goddess Garden.”

These statues of Roman goddesses were installed on the 2nd Horticultural Hall in Boston in the late 1800s and made their way to the Gardens at Elm Bank in the 1990s.

This is a beautiful spot and a must-visit for anyone in the Boston area who loves plants and flowers.

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