Rosemary Tea and a German Pancake

Here are some recent kitchen adventures:

  1. I love the taste of rosemary, but I don’t often purchase it. So when I had some left over after I bought some recently, I decided to make some rosemary tea. I read that the herb provides many health benefits, so even better! I boiled some water, threw in some sprigs, and let it steep. I wasn’t sure how strong it would be, so I only put in a few springs.

The tea was nice; next time, I will throw in a few more sprigs. I’m glad to have another avenue for a rosemary fix.

2. Old Farmer’s Almanac emails started showing up in my inbox months ago, and I’ve let them stay. Once in a while, I’ll click on them if the subject line draws me in.

One particular day, baking recipes that use little flour drew me in. I didn’t have a lot of flour, and I felt a desire to bake. German pancakes sounded good and fairly easy. Eggs, flour, salt, milk, and butter. My kind of recipe.

Where I went wrong was the decision to not follow the recipe’s request for two well-buttered pie pans. I filled one and thought, that’s fine. No need for two.

Well. Is it a surprise that the pancake looked like this:

What in the world…I didn’t realize that the dough would EXPAND so much. This was kind of a bust, even though Allen and I did eat what we could salvage. Someday I will try it again with two pans.

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