Old School Game Show

I kicked off my 15th annual birthday list in December by attending a holiday edition of Old School Game Show with a friend. OSGS is a live theater experience that is part game show with audience participation, part musical, and part sketch comedy…with a ’70s/’80s vibe. The event was held at the Oberon in Cambridge, which is just a plain cool venue.

Yes, it was FUN! There were a few games that were set up Family Feud style. My friend was called up on stage for one game. Announcers described favorite holiday toys of yore, and the first contestant to announce the name of the toy won a point. Unfortunately for my friend, her toy was a ’90s toy, and neither her nor her opponent knew the answer (Furby).

The interludes with live music were witty, the Cubic Zirconia dancers added flair, and the sketch comedy bits were groaningly funny. Another hilarious game entailed the contestants deciding whether or not certain album covers were real or made up.

The seating was cabaret style and there was a bar, so the atmosphere was jovial. If you’re looking for a unique outing with friends, you can’t go wrong with Old School Game Show!

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