Scattered Moments in Time

  I’m a technology curmudgeon. I’m hanging on to my dumb phone for dear life. I buy CDs and books and think the e-book is the devil’s plaything. I order physical DVDs from Netflix. I peruse Facebook a few times a week and that is the extent of my social media use. Another technological development […]


  OK, that’s it. The universe is calling me back to Yorkshire. Where’s Yorkshire? Take a wild guess. Yes, England. The county of Yorkshire is where my lifelong obsession with England began. Having been afflicted with a chronic case of travel bug at the tender age of 17, I knew I’d have to study abroad […]

At This Moment

  Just found out that Gary David Goldberg, the creator of Family Ties, passed away a few days ago. This is very strange timing because I was talking to a friend today about his blog post about the Family Ties theme song. I have few vivid childhood memories to speak of, but one of them […]

The Scent of Lilacs

  On the way home from a doctor’s appointment the other day, I walked through the Arnold Arboretum. My path took me through the lilac collection. The lilacs were still in bloom and were beautiful. I stopped at random bushes to inhale the scent. The scent of lilacs means “home” to me. There were lilac […]

Becoming a Genie

This is the year that I become a full-fledged genie. No, I’m not taking up residence in a bottle. I am taking my genealogy research to a higher level. I’ve worked on it in spurts over the past few years. But now it’s time to get serious. Are you still wondering what “genie” has to […]