The TV Network in the Sky

I watch two TV shows regularly, and one of them ends next week. House is going to the big TV network in the sky. Sure, it’s time, but I don’t have to be happy about it. Hugh Laurie has played House so brilliantly. He’s a man you love to dislike. He’s manipulative and needy and […]

Steampunk and Lilacs

  The weather was gorgeous this weekend! It was the perfect weekend to attend two festivals. The steampunk fest was really fun. What’s not to love about throngs of people dressed up in costume? Especially when one of the most popular items to don are kick-ass goggles? There were steampunk vampires, desert nomads, ladies in […]

Wegmans, The Musical

  If I lived closer to Northboro, I would be attending this high school musical set in a Wegmans!  

May Day

  It’s May 1, which can only mean it’s the final countdown. I have four weeks to finish seven items on my birthday list. Not too shabby. On a “cool thing that happened today” note, I saw a documentary about Paul Williams tonight. Paul Williams = songwriter of “Rainbow Connection” = god in my universe. […]

Halfway There

  I’m livin’ on a prayer alright. I hit the halfway mark in the birthday list tonight. I made lime-flavored popcorn.                   One of my clearest memories from childhood is going to the popcorn store. The store sold flavored popcorn, or “glazed” popcorn as I have seen […]