Wide Right

  I’ll be starting my birthday list with a bang on January 1. I scored free Pats tickets for being a dedicated volunteer. The Pats gave a number of free tickets to the organization that I volunteer through, and I was lucky enough to get a pair! This will be my first time attending a […]

Bad Things Come in Threes

  1. Borders closes its doors forever, September 2011 2. R.E.M. breaks up, September 21, 2011 3. The OtherSide CafĂ© closes, December 23, 2011   I found out today that one of my favorite places in Boston is closing next month. Truth be told, I don’t go there much anymore, but I used to. When […]

It’s Time to Play the Music…

  The new Muppet movie comes out next week. Being a huge Muppet fan, I am definitely going to see it (on opening day, actually). But after reading an article about the movie in Entertainment Weekly, I am wary. The article made it sound like the “production team” (writers, director, etc.) and the puppet team […]

Procrastinating on a Sunday Night

  All weekend I have told myself that I need to clean out my storage closet. But I keep avoiding it. My latest procrastinating measure: cleaning out my pen and pencil collection. Yes, I’m getting pre-tty desperate. But I do have quite a collection. I sometimes buy pens and pencils as souvenirs because they are […]

The Excitement Starts to Build

  One week from today = Weggies!