I’ll be starting my birthday list with a bang on January 1. I scored free Pats tickets for being a dedicated volunteer. The Pats gave a number of free tickets to the organization that I volunteer through, and I was lucky enough to get a pair!

This will be my first time attending a professional football game. It is especially poignant because the Pats are playing the Bills = my hometown team growing up. Now, I do not follow any sport whatsoever. I don’t particularly care for sports. I don’t like that there are losers in every game…which is the whole point of sports. What can I say, I don’t have a competitive bone in my body.

I can pinpoint the moment when I stopped watching sports. Although I have never loved sports, I remember watching games as a teenager, probably out of boredom. Anyway, the moment.

It was Super Bowl XXV. Poor Scott Norwood missed the field goal and the Bills lost the Superbowl. I was crushed. I felt SO bad for Scott Norwood. I remember feeling quite emotional and thinking, no more. I cannot take this excruciating devastation.

I’ve been to a few live soccer, hockey, and baseball games in my lifetime, and they have been fun. I have felt like an anthropologist at the games, busy studying the sports fans. I am interested to see what football fans are like…