The End of My World As I Know It

  Tuesday night, I saw Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam documentary. It was awesome. Lots of rare footage, interesting interviews, sweet concert footage. As I watched a clip of concert footage in the middle of the doc, I thought to myself, I can’t wait until R.E.M. announces their next tour. For those who don’t know me, […]

My New Pencil Sharpener

I went to Borders for the last time. I think it might be closing on Monday. I got two hardcovers and a CD for $12. There’s not much left at all, except for some random fiction and lots of romance novels. One of the books I bought was A Lion Called Christian. I found it […]

Farewell, My Friend

  Borders is going out of business. I went to my hometown Borders for the last time when I was visiting a few weeks ago.                   The manager had left a goodbye note of sorts at the front door. In it, he mentioned that the store had […]

I Change by Not Changing at All

I saw Eddie Vedder perform solo a few days ago. I was 16 rows away from Eddie Vedder. It was nothing short of amazing. I’ve seen Pearl Jam before, but it’s been at big venues in which I couldn’t even see the stage. Eddie has picked up the uke and recently released an album of […]

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

When I bought a ticket to a Weezer show at an outdoor venue a few months back, I thought to myself: May 19. It will be a nice spring evening at one of my favorite concert venues (Bank of American Pavilion). Sadly, I was mistaken. As I listened to the opening act last night, looking […]