They’re Tethered, Alright


A professor at the school where I work was involved in a study of university students’ mobile phone use. To a person who owns a dumb phone, the results were alarming. Young people seem to be more concerned with connecting with others through a gadget than in real life. And it’s not just college kids…I know people in their 30s who are “addicted” to their phones.

I’ll admit I am somewhat tethered to the Internet…when I went without it during a recent weekend, I initially experienced withdrawal symptoms. But as time passed, I became productive around the apartment and I felt more peaceful.

Another professor at the school where I work published this book last year. It would be challenging to undertake a media fast: no movies, books…nuthin’. I might be inspired to try it for a day or two, though. Oh, the things I could get done!

A Peapod Christmas


Every time Peapod arrives at my door, it feels like Christmas. Mainly because so many items come in their own bags. It oddly feels like unwrapping presents. What’s this small cylindrical item? Oh, the Off! spray I ordered. What’s this cold, hard rectangle? Oh, the cheese I ordered.

These presents make me feel guilty because their wrapping is contributing to the quickening demise of the environment. But I recycle all of the bags, I swear!!

As I was putting away the groceries that magically arrived at my doorstep tonight, I was reminded that I have lived in my current apartment for three years, and I still don’t have a system down for paper good storage. Sometimes I put extra tissue boxes in the bathroom. Sometimes I put them in the front storage closet. Sometimes I put them in the back hallway. Sometimes I put extra paper towels in the back hallway. Sometimes I put them under the sink. I put the napkins I just bought on top of the fridge. Then, as I was putting the new sponges under the sink, I discovered a package of napkins.

If I ever move out, I will find a menagerie of long-lost paper goods…



It’s Still Summer!


I winced when I looked at the calendar the other day and saw that August is upon us. To add insult to injury, I received my first “back to school” ad in the mail today. No. Just no.

In other news, dear readers…has anyone ever had an itchy rash that consists of a few clear, pimple-sized bumps sprinkled on the arms, back, and legs? I have no idea if I am suddenly allergic to something, or if I am being slowly eaten alive by microscopic insects. But I’ve had this issue for a week now.

And in other completely unrelated news, if I ever think about leaving Boston, remind me that Boston is the ninth best beer city in the world. According to a guy named Zane Lamprey. Boston beat out my other adopted home of London! Blimey.

Vive Ut Vivas


Vive ut vivas

Carpe diem

Memento mori

Dum vivimus, vivamus

Vivere disce, cogita mori

All different ways of saying “live life to the fullest.” I’ve been thinking about this idea for the past few days. Twelve people in Colorado were killed in a movie theater. A movie theater! Malls, college campuses, workplaces…someday some of us might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a sobering thought…the whole “you could get hit by a bus/be shot in a movie theater tomorrow”…

The upcoming Olympics has also spurred these thoughts. The closest I have ever been to a tragedy (knock on wood) is witnessing the aftermath of the London bombings in ’05. I think it was announced that London won the bid for the 2012 Olympics the day before the bombings. My mother and I were in England’s Lake District on 07/07/05, and a taxi driver broke the news to us. At first we thought he was going to talk about the winning bid, and then he said “…bombing.”

It’s hard to stay in the present…to seize the day. It’s hard for me to do, at least. It’s a lesson I hope I can learn someday.