Vive Ut Vivas

  Vive ut vivas Carpe diem Memento mori Dum vivimus, vivamus Vivere disce, cogita mori All different ways of saying “live life to the fullest.” I’ve been thinking about this idea for the past few days. Twelve people in Colorado were killed in a movie theater. A movie theater! Malls, college campuses, workplaces…someday some of […]

I Like My Name, Thank You

  Nora Ephron (RIP) and Lena Dunham dissed my name. I was innocently watching an extras feature on the Tiny Furniture DVD, in which Nora Ephron interviews Lena Dunham. When talking about the autobiographical nature of her work, Lena said that she tries to give her characters names that are similar to her real name. […]

Hot Cocoa

  Nothing like a cup of hot cocoa on a nice July day…my office is so cold that I am wearing a wrap, blasting a space heater, and drinking cocoa. HVAC people have tried to fix the problem for years to no avail. The really strange thing is that some areas of the floor are […]

It’s Raining Kittens

  This just in: Kitten explosion at the MSPCA! I was away for two weeks and I returned today to find 10+ kittens looking for homes.                       And of course there are always a lot of wonderful adult cats waiting for new homes. Next weekend, […]

Cat Toilet Training

  I came across this cat toilet training kit the other day. I can’t imagine how cra-mazing (crazy + amazing) it would be to train Olive to use the toilet. I can’t even get her to sleep in her bed, so I have no hope for toilet training. Plus, I would want her to have […]