Nora Ephron (RIP) and Lena Dunham dissed my name.

I was innocently watching an extras feature on the Tiny Furniture DVD, in which Nora Ephron interviews Lena Dunham. When talking about the autobiographical nature of her work, Lena said that she tries to give her characters names that are similar to her real name. She said something like, “A friend suggested the name ‘Linda’ and I said, that is nothing like my name, blah blah…” Alluding to ‘Linda’ being old-fashioned.

She then goes on to say something like, “I met a 9-year-old named Nancy recently and it took me two days to process it.” Nora mutters in reply, “Poor girl…”

Whaaaatt. I’d like to meet this 9-year-old and give her a high five. Nothing wrong with having a unique name. It’s my grandmother’s name and I’m proud of it. And who wouldn’t enjoy having a name that rhymes with “fancy”?

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