Rice in My Pants


Now I can say that uncooked rice has found its way into my underwear.

Two words: Rocky Horror.

A live Rocky Horror show has taken place at the Harvard Square Loews for 28 years. Alas, this Loews is closing today.

I had never been to see the midnight show, because I am too old to stay up that late anymore. So when I heard that an additional 9:30 show was occurring on the final night, I had to go.

I hadn’t been to a Rocky show or even watched the movie in years, so I was psyched to say the least. It is such a silly movie…and seeing it with a live cast and a bunch of devotees makes it feel like you are in the midst of a Mystery Science Theater episode. I’m actually glad I had seen the movie multiple times before, because half the time the dialogue was being drowned out by people quipping at the screen.

We all had “bags of shit” with various props inside. Rice is thrown during a wedding scene, and that is when rice made it down my shirt, down my pants…everywhere.Tim Curry is perfection in the role of Frank-n-furter. I just put Clue in my Netflix queue.

Luckily, Rocky Horror has found a new home at the Loews on Boston Common. I’m still saddened to see another movie theater closing. It was a dumpy theater, but a theater nonetheless.











In other news, I shed blood twice yesterday. During a haircut, the stylist caught her comb in my ear cartilage piercing. F*ck! Then as I was getting out of bed in the middle of the night, Olive walked across my bare legs and lost her footing. A little cat scratch fever, anyone?


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