What’s a girl to do at 11:11 on 11/11/11 (especially when she has the day off from work)? I’m tempted to sit in on The Clock at the MFA to watch 11:11 strike. But that would require me to rise before 9:30 and that’s bordering on sacrilege on a day off. According to my […]

Procrastinating on a Sunday Night

  All weekend I have told myself that I need to clean out my storage closet. But I keep avoiding it. My latest procrastinating measure: cleaning out my pen and pencil collection. Yes, I’m getting pre-tty desperate. But I do have quite a collection. I sometimes buy pens and pencils as souvenirs because they are […]

A Key to the Unknown

  As I was shuffling through my set of keys to find my mailbox key tonight, I noticed a particularly shiny silver key. I stared at it and thought, “I have no idea what this is a key to.” I wonder if I will ever remember. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


  OK, I can’t take it anymore. Who else has noticed that I am completely inconsistent regarding capitalization of my blog titles? I. Need. To. Choose. One. Style. [breathes in deeply] And then I must go back and make all of the titles consistent, for the love of god! This is the life of a […]

Ants in My Pants

  I’ve got ants in my pants! Ants in my paaaants… No, I don’t really. Not at all. It’s just a fun thing to say. I do, however, have ants in my apartment. By my front door. I’ve been killing them swiftly with a soap and water mixture, but more just keep showing up. These […]