x + y = z

  Dying your hair + A Gap employee noticing that you dyed your hair = You visit the Gap in your neighborhood too often.

Green Peacoat: The Next Generation

My number one all-time favorite clothing item EVER is a green peacoat I bought at the Gap, circa 1992. It was a beautiful, bright green...similar to the shade of Crayola's shamrock crayon. I kept the coat for years after I stopped wearing it. It got worn out, etc. but I kept it anyway. I finally... Continue Reading →

Note to Retailers

  I don't really want to see Christmas candy nestled up next to the Halloween candy in the candy aisle on October 30. And I don't really want to listen to holiday music while shopping on November 2. Bah humbug. I am still getting used to the idea that summer is over...what can I say,... Continue Reading →

Skin Update

  The skin on my face is finally back to normal. I had a WTF moment* when I was buying face lotion at Macy's Clinique counter the other day, and I bought a tiny container of eye cream for $28.                   I am keeping track of how... Continue Reading →

Sunset Cruise

One of the best things ever invented: The Groupon. If you don't know Groupon, get to know it. Now. While you're at it, check out BuyWithMe as well. You will enter a world of deals...on restaurants, massages, stores, services, etc. I found myself in a perfect storm of Groupons recently...suddenly I had six or seven... Continue Reading →

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