Return of the Peeps


Sweet jesus, the Peeps are back. I halfheartedly glanced at the Valentine’s Day candy in CVS, and there they were. Bright pink heart-shaped Peeps. And just around the corner, there were my old friends, the yellow chick and purple bunny Peeps. For a minute, order felt totally restored in my life. It is a great comfort knowing that there is a sizable supply of Peeps just down the street.

Speaking of comfort, I have discovered a scent that gives me an overwhelming sense of comfort….but I have no idea why. I call it:

The Mystery of the Iris.

Rewind to last fall. I was visiting western NY, and my mom and I popped into a Crabtree and Evelyn store in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Right in the front of the store was a new scent: Iris. I sniffed it. I thought, I love this smell. Wait, I KNOW this smell. I know this smell like I know the smell of my grandma’s kitchen, or the smell of the woods in my family’s backyard.

This was a “long ago smell.” A smell that I couldn’t get enough of. A smell that made me feel comforted and safe and happy. But I could not place it. I debated buying some lotion or perfume, but it was expensive. I soon forgot about it…

…Until last week, when I was shopping in Faneuil Hall, and walked by a Crabtree and Evelyn. I had forgotten there was a Crabtree and Evelyn there. I walked in and was greeted by the Iris. I sniffed it again and there were those feelings again. It was still expensive, but I didn’t care this time. I needed to figure out the mystery. I bought a small bottle of lotion. I use it every few days, rationing it so it lasts longer. I keep hoping that one day, I will remember why I remember this smell. Someone I knew must have worn this scent.

But who?



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  1. ooh, i love this post. i love this mystery! this should be on your birthday list – figure out the mystery of the iris.

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