Tongue Twister

Say this ten times fast:

My noisy neighbors are my nemeses

My noisy neighbors are my nemeses

My noisy neighbors are my nemeses…

While looking up the plural of nemesis, I discovered that Nemesis was a Greek goddess. The goddess of retribution, who “punishes excessive pride, undeserved happiness, and the absence of moderation.” Well, the noisy neighbors fall under the “absence of moderation” category. They must think they are playing Madison Square Garden instead of a tiny basement in a residential neighborhood.

Now I am going to have to blast my CD of rainforest sounds in order to carry on with Speak, Memory. Did you know that lepidoptery is the study of butterflies and moths? Nabokov was an avid lepidopterist. I am enjoying his memoir. His writing is so lyrical that it almost feels like I am listening to music instead of reading.

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