The horror. The horror.


It’s the last week of January, so it’s time to buckle down and work on the birthday list. I’m a bit behind, but it’s been hard to be motivated when buried in snow. I completed my second item last night: Watching Apocalypse Now (#28 on AFI’s top 100 movies list). Shudder. It seemed like a realistic portrayal of the Vietnam War. It was insane. Which war is, right? It was interesting to watch young Martin Sheen, Harrison Ford, and Dennis Hopper. And an old and scary Marlon Brando!

I began my third item right after the movie ended: Reading Nabokov’s autobiography Speak, Memory (#8 on the Modern Library’s top 100 nonfiction books list). I don’t squat about Nabokov, except that he wrote Lolita (which I read a few years ago). I enjoy autobiographies and biographies, so this should be a good read.

Thirty-three items to go.


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