Tempus Fugit

The past few weeks have been a blur of work, volunteering, holiday shopping, holiday card sending, holiday lunches and parties, post office trips. And now it’s almost a week till Christmas. Without fail, at least once during the holiday season, I buy someone a gift and buy myself the same thing. This year, the “one […]

One of My Life’s Little Mysteries Solved

When I was studying abroad in England, I bought a pair of ankle boots while shopping with a friend one day. They were black with no heel. They had elastic on the side and cute tabs in the back that you could use to pull them on and off. I wore them out. It was […]

Save the Printed Book

The other day, I read an article about the Boston Public Library’s decision to purge 180,000 books, and it made me want to PURGE MY INSIDES. Seriously, it almost brought me tears. It’s bad enough that bookstores are an endangered species. If libraries start to “purge” old books to make room for more computers, I’m […]

Unexpected Gifts

  I’m feeling frazzled by the holidays. I feel as if I’ve been shopping and making cards and shopping and making lists and wrapping gifts for months. I’ve been at it for maybe two weeks. I experienced a bright spot amid the frazzle a few days ago, when a gift for my mom and brother […]

Cosmetics That Kill

  Well, maybe that’s melodramatic of me to say. But cosmetics might be killing us softly, on top of pesticides, toxic cleaning products, hormones in our meat, etc., etc. Environmental Working Group has some handy guides to help us avoid the most toxic sh*t out there. When I checked the cosmetics database, I found that […]