A Souvenir from “Mad Men”

Mad Men is one of my all-time fave shows. I signed up for its email list so I would be in the know. So that’s how I found out about the website Screenbid.com, a platform for auctioning/selling props from popular TV shows and movies. A couple of summers ago, items from Mad Men appeared on the auction block. Needless to say, I was outbid on everything. I love the show but didn’t care to spend $50 on an empty can of corn circa the 1950s.

Since then, a new lot has come up a few times per year. I received the latest email from Screenbid a few weeks ago. This time the items weren’t on auction; you could flat-out buy them. Many of the items were still cost-prohibitive, but I did see a china set that I liked for $50. Hence a birthday list item was born.

I clicked on the “Buy” button with glee. The next screen came up: “Thanks for your purchase. You’ll be invoiced for $102.”


The shipping cost had not been discussed…and it turned out to be $48. OK, I thought, it is china, so it needs to be wrapped carefully. But $48???

C’est la vie. The package arrived and everything had been packed really well. So well that I am going to wait until after the holidays to unpack everything because it took me 5 minutes to unpack one dish.

I’m excited to own something that was on the set of one of my favorite shows. Do you own anything from a TV or movie set?

Mad Men, china
The one unpacked dish


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