The time has come to commence my 13th annual birthday list. My friend Daisy helped me kick it off last weekend.

First, she helped me make a paper circuit (which I had never heard of before) at a great family makerspace called Parts and Crafts. We visited on a Saturday afternoon and it was buzzing with kids working on sewing projects, building vehicles with plastic wheels, and soldering who knows what.

Butterfly paper circuit: LED light, battery, and copper tape
Butterfly paper circuit: LED light, battery, and copper tape








Next, we went to Winter Hill Brewing for lunch, where I drank a “Somerville Specific,” a very interesting IPA, and ate a lovely chickpea burger with rosemary fries. I love beer and all, but give me rosemary on anything and I’m a patron for life.










My third and last item that weekend is something that I’m still coming to terms with…

I tried bone marrow. And oxtail for that matter.

We went to Toro, a Spanish tapas restaurant, for lunch. Daisy gently encouraged me to try the bone marrow, since a recurring item on my birthday lists is to try a food I haven’t eaten before.

There was a lot of oxtail on top of the bone marrow, which was probably a good thing. I kind of sort of tasted the bone marrow. I don’t think it tasted like much, but I was too overwhelmed by the idea of eating bone marrow to really pay attention.







Six months and 39 more items to go! Have any ideas for my list?

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