Thinking About Generations


Recently, I found myself explaining the term “Milliennials” to my mom. Millennials seem quite alien to me since I have not embraced the technology that has been at their fingertips pretty much since they were born. I imagine that the way I feel about Milliennials is similar to how people born in the 1920s felt about the new-fangled television that was sure to rot everyone’s brains.

Anyhoo. As my mom and I talked, she noted that she wasn’t sure which generation she belonged to. She thought that she belonged in the generation before the Baby Boomers. Intrigued, I turned to the very technology I like to poo-poo. I searched for names of the different generations on the Internets and discovered that my mom was a part of the Silent Generation, or the Lucky Few. (Through my research, I found that the names of and time periods for generations vary.)

I myself am definitely smack in the middle of Generation X. I like to call it the “MTV Generation” as well, because I remember spending a lot of time parked in front of the TV, watching music videos on MTV.

I found a nifty chart in a article. I was shocked to read the population numbers for the generations. I knew that Baby Boomers were so named because there was a drastic increase in baby production. I didn’t know that the population was 74 million, compared to 33 million in the previous generation! That’s a boom all right. And, wow…my generation is outnumbered by the Millennials by a lot (20 mill). Yikes.

I also found this article about naming the generation after the Millennials. The ideas presented make me shiver: Generation Like, Selfie Generation. For some reason, I think the Swipe Generation has a nice ring to it.

It’s interesting to think about generations—your own, your parents’, your grandparents’—and how they’ve shaped your world view, your economic success, and so on. If you’ve read any good books or articles on this subject, do share. Have you read Tom Brokaw’s book The Greatest Generation?


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No Man Should Have Power Like This


I know I’ve already posted about the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, but I’m so excited about it, I’m posting about it again. There are now more than 75,000 backers and the total is up to $3.5M. If you love reading, if you love supporting literacy, if you love LeVar Burton, if you love Reading Rainbow, donate $5!

And check out the Funny or Die spoof of the Reading Rainbow theme song.

I will post about my birthday trip to Block Island this weekend…

Here’s a teaser: a photo of Cindy the zedonk.


Kickstarter, Henna, and the Roman Empire


I need to kick my addiction to Kickstarter. There are just so many good ideas waiting to come to fruition…I just chipped in for three projects so now I want you to as well:

Reading Rainbow

OK, this one doesn’t technically need any additional help. But don’t you want to ensure that Reading Rainbow is available to every child on the planet?? Of course you do.

These two are Boston-based:

Poetry on the T

Replace ads with poetry on the subway! Ever since I saw poetry on London’s Tube, I’ve wanted to see it done in Boston.

Craft Beer Web Series

A student at the college where I work wants to produce a web series about local craft breweries. I want to watch this series.

Now that that’s out of the way, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I dyed my hair with henna the other day. I had read countless reviews of Lush’s henna and I was prepared for a smelly and messy time. I covered my bathroom in newspaper, whacked the blocks of henna with a meat tenderizer to make smaller pieces; mixed in boiling water, cinnamon, and paprika; and went to town.









When I was done glopping it on, I wrapped my head in saran wrap and then tied a plastic bag over my head. This was supposed to make the color more vibrant by keeping heat trapped. Lush suggested keeping it in for a couple of hours. Some reviewers kept it in for up to eight hours. I decided on four.

I personally liked the smell. It smelled like coffee grinds and tea and mud. I washed it out and waited a day or two for the true color to appear, as the reviewers noted.

Verdict: My hair feels healthier, but there was VERY LITTLE color change. Sadness. I tried the second boldest hue, so I’m going for the boldest hue next time. I like the idea of coloring my hair without chemicals, so am going to keep dabbling with the henna.

Lastly, the Roman Empire. I watched the first installment of the 1976 TV series I, Claudius. I read the novel that it’s based on a month or so ago. I found the novel a little hard to handle because there are so many characters. I can almost keep them all straight in the TV series, however. I’ve learned that extreme family dysfunction has been with us literally since the Roman times. Adultery, backstabbing, setups, poisoning…nothing is off limits in the Roman Empire. I’m looking forward to watching the next installment. It’s a soap opera for history fans!

So that’s this year’s list, folks. When I return from Block Island (#39 on the list), I’m going to publish a greatest hits list: my favorite item from each of the 10 years. Let me know if you contribute to any of the aforementioned crowdfunding campaigns. And tell me if there are any other ones I should know about. Money grows on trees, doesn’t it?




Sake Cocktail, Please


Am anxiously awaiting the season premiere of Downton Abbey:









I feel like we Americans have been waiting a loonng time.

So #2 on the birthday list is a sake cocktail. My friend Linda had her birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant last night. I wasn’t brave enough to try quail egg or beef tongue, but I’ll try any alcoholic concoction once! I’ve only ever drunk warm sake, so it was interesting to drink cold sake…with a green apple flavor. It was quite tasty. And s.t.r.o.n.g.

sake cocktail








Now excuse me as I tuck into my scones and find out how Mary is coping with the loss of Matthew…