The Sweater

I put away some sweaters today, and brought out some spring clothes. And I made a decision. I’ve decided to part with a sweater I haven’t worn in at least ten years. The thought crossed my mind that maybe it’s not time to say goodbye yet, since I took twelve photos of the sweater from […]

35th Birthday List Item

I have finalized my last birthday list item, #35. On May 31, I will be going to Provincetown, MA. It should be a good time. I’ll be taking a ferry right from Boston. I love boat rides! If anyone has suggestions on what to do/where to eat, let me know…

Mark Your Calendar: March 27

So there are two cool things happenin’ on March 27. 1. National Passport Day. I love that there is a day for the passport. I wish I needed to renew mine, but I don’t. All I can figure out right now is that it is a day that you can get a passport or renew […]

Suburbia Fix

I spent the weekend visiting Sam(antha) and Dave in Buffalo, NY. It was really nice to catch up with them, see their new house, and get my western NY suburbia fix. Wegmans! Gargantuan mall! Target! Perkins! They were gracious enough to accompany me on a quest to find brown boots in a size 5. In […]

Boston Globe Travel Show

Linda, Mary, and I went to the Boston Globe Travel Show today. It was fun! We entered to win at least six or seven free trips. Got a lot of reading materials…saw a presentation by my man Arthur Frommer and his daughter Pauline. Tasted just about every free sample at the Gypsy Wind Jam booth…jam […]