Well, the last thing I need is another monthly expense, but I have broken down and am trying out Netflix. I have always borrowed DVDs from the library, but it has become too frustrating. The majority of the DVDs are in horrible shape! It is sooo frustrating to miss chunks of a film b/c it […]

First Fabulous Purchase of 2010

Marshmallow Peeps + Lenox china = priceless. Peeps photo

Back at the MSPCA

I went back to the MSPCA today, after having taken time off at the holidays. Every Sunday I spend two hours as a “cat scribe” for the cats on the adoption floor at the MSPCA. I write the bios for the outside of their cages and decorate them. It is so much fun. So many […]

On Teevee Tonight

If you’re at home from 8 to 10 pm tonight, watch Dateline NBC’s coverage of the Sean Goldman story. He is the child who was living with his stepfather and mother’s family in Brazil, and his bio father in NJ has been trying to get him back for five years. (Sean’s mother was still married […]

Wonder of Wonders

First wonder of tonight: Colin Firth. I saw A Single Man. He was incredible. He deserves to be at least nominated for every Best Actor award in existence. The movie was sad, but in a beautiful and haunting way. Not bad for a director formerly known as a fashion designer. Second wonder of tonight: I’ve […]