At This Moment

  Just found out that Gary David Goldberg, the creator of Family Ties, passed away a few days ago. This is very strange timing because I was talking to a friend today about his blog post about the Family Ties theme song. I have few vivid childhood memories to speak of, but one of them... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned

  I've been out of commission for two months now. It has felt like eternity at times. But finally, the big "pause" button on my life is lifting. I would say I'm at 70–80% capacity. I'll know when I'm at 100% when I can drink again, attend concerts again, talk with friends for hours again...when... Continue Reading →

$2.50 Well Spent

I missed the Michael Jackson TV special on Thanksgiving night. Someone upstairs must have felt bad for me, because I found this yesterday:                     MJ Colorforms! $2.50 at Urban Outfitters. I needed something to cheer me up, as I was brought to tears at the Ray... Continue Reading →

Easy Like Sunday Night

  I saw Ben Gibbard perform last night. He's the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie and has just released a solo album. It was just him and a guitar. And a piano. He plays both so expertly. Not only did he play songs from his new album, but he also played some Death... Continue Reading →

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