Fisherman’s Feast


I finally made it to the Fisherman’s Feast in Boston’s Italian neighborhood. I met Abby and Rachael around dinnertime and we took it all in. Even though I’m only 25% Italian, I always feel “at home” around Italian people. And of course, Italian is my favorite type of food. Abby and I decided to try the “rice balls.” I had never had a rice ball. It weighed about 5 pounds. And felt like 10 pounds in my stomach. But it was SO GOOD.

Marching band in the street











We headed to a quiet side street for some dessert. I’ve decided I need to kidnap my mother so she can see some of Italy. She has England on the brain! A one-track mind when it comes to travel. I can’t really blame her though.

To cap off the lovely evening, I returned to my neighborhood to see the most stunning sunset.










It was breathtaking.












And lastly, in totally unrelated news. My new obsession is blind cats. I met my first blind cat yesterday at the MSPCA. She is a kitten and she is so affectionate and just plain amazing. If I lived in a bigger apartment, Olive would be welcoming this blind of bundle of love to our homestead. I had to learn more about blind cats, and found out about the famous blind cat Oskar and his friend Klaus.

There is a blind cat rescue in North Carolina. If I ever win the lottery, I will send this place a nice check. Unfortunately this will probably never happen as I play the lottery about once every four years…


Boston from the 26th Floor


I checked out the Marriott Custom House‘s observation deck over the weekend. It was sweet! The public is escorted to the 26th floor once daily. The observation deck is great…there are tables and chairs so you can relax and take in the view. Plus there is a soundtrack: jazz is piped into the deck area. I sat and listened to Frank Sinatra while watching planes take off at the airport.

Here are some pics from the excursion:

Marriott Custom House













The white tent is my favorite concert venue. The islands in the background are the Boston Harbor Islands, another favorite place of mine.
The North End
You can see the reflection of the Custom House tower in the blue building.