Everybody’s Occupyin’

  Wow, this Occupy movement kicks ass. I haven't visited the Occupy Boston camp yet, but I've been following news about the group. I'm hoping to stop by with some donations soon. Today I was curious to find out whether there was an Occupy London group, since I am visiting next week. Yep, the group... Continue Reading →

Footlight and Chihuly

  Last night I saw The Footlight Club's performance of Rent. I've been wanting to go to a Footlight performance at Eliot Hall in JP for a while, as it is the oldest community theater in the country. It was a great show. I had forgotten how awesome the music is. I saw it in... Continue Reading →

Five Years Ago

Five years ago today, my mom and I were in England's Lake District. We were sitting in a taxi in a church parking lot when the driver asked us, "Did you hear about London?" I mumbled "Oh, yeah...," thinking he was referencing London's winning bid for the 2012 Olympics, which had recently been announced. The... Continue Reading →

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