Everybody’s Occupyin’


Wow, this Occupy movement kicks ass. I haven’t visited the Occupy Boston camp yet, but I’ve been following news about the group. I’m hoping to stop by with some donations soon. Today I was curious to find out whether there was an Occupy London group, since I am visiting next week. Yep, the group is occupying the London Stock Exchange this Saturday. Then I wondered if my hometown of Rochester, New York, was getting in on the action. Yep.

Critics say these groups have no goals, no “plan.” Well, as Jon Stewart said a few nights ago on his show, “America cannot expect a bunch of disenfranchised park-dwellers to come up with a solution to its economic woes—they have a political ruling class to do that.”

If everyone in the “99%” had watched The Inside Job, we’d have 99% of the country standing in parks “occupying” right now. I would be there myself if I had more vacation time.

We Are the 99%.


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