Fisherman’s Feast

  I finally made it to the Fisherman's Feast in Boston's Italian neighborhood. I met Abby and Rachael around dinnertime and we took it all in. Even though I'm only 25% Italian, I always feel "at home" around Italian people. And of course, Italian is my favorite type of food. Abby and I decided to... Continue Reading →

Rice in My Pants

  Now I can say that uncooked rice has found its way into my underwear. Two words: Rocky Horror. A live Rocky Horror show has taken place at the Harvard Square Loews for 28 years. Alas, this Loews is closing today. I had never been to see the midnight show, because I am too old... Continue Reading →

Cat Toilet Training

  I came across this cat toilet training kit the other day. I can't imagine how cra-mazing (crazy + amazing) it would be to train Olive to use the toilet. I can't even get her to sleep in her bed, so I have no hope for toilet training. Plus, I would want her to have... Continue Reading →

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